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Sergio Martinez détruit Paul Williams

Par    le 21 novembre 2010

Hier soir à Atlantic City, Sergio Martinez (46-2-2, 25 KOs) a confirmé son titre de meilleur poids Moyen de la planète en annihilant Paul Williams (39-2), KO à la deuxième reprise sur un terrible crochet du gauche.

Sans doute le KO de l’année.


Sergio Martinez détruit Paul Williams

Let's get ready to rumble

  1. malk dit :

    pour ce qui voudrait voir ce combat il y ait sur boxing-core avec megavideo!

    1. Mani dit :

      This is huge! Sergio is fighting a World Champion who is 37-0 with 23 KOs This is a good fiegthr. To be without his trainer could be a big issue. I would like to think that at 36 and after 50 professional bouts that Martinez knows what to do in the ring despite who ever is in his corner. I do think it may affect the round to round adjustments. This Personal issues explanation is weird.In the end I still expect Martinez to retain his title in a hard fought UD.

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