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Wladimir Klitschko

Par    le 14 août 2010

My height is an advantage, if I want to use it. Short guys have short hands and short feet and they come up quick. Taller guys, they use their advantage. Everyone tries to use their advantages.


Wladimir « Dr Steelhammer » Klitschko est un boxeur ukrainien né le 25 mars 1976 au Kazakhstan. C’est le frère cadet de Vitali Klitschko, ancien champion du monde des lourds et homme politique ukrainien.

Avec 61 victoires dont 51 KO pour 3 défaites, il est invaincu depuis 2004 et l’arrivée dans son coin d’Emmanuel Steward - décédé depuis. Ce dernier a appris à l’ukrainien d’1m99 à exploiter au maximum son allonge ainsi que sa puissance physique supérieure. Ses 19 derniers rivaux, dont le français Jean-Marc Mormeck, tous battus sèchement, peuvent en témoigner.

Il est, depuis sa victoire sur David Haye, le champion IBF, WBO, WBA et IBO des poids lourds.

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  1. Anonyme dit :

    i really like you
    you are a man of manners

  2. Maria dit :

    QUOTE(#4):Originally posted 09:36 PM ET 07.02 by Haye?,was relaly never in the fight,how many exchanges happened in 12 rounds,about?maybe 5?,after that?Haye was on his bicycle in survival mode.Haye’s the one that ran his mouth up till and during the fight,and lost,but?what did he prove?too Himself,Fans and coutrymen? »An Embarrsment »,it’s bad enough he ran his mouth 24/7,but when the dust settled?,Haye got phuched,the ref phuced him the judges phuced him and the fans phuced him also,but losing in such in embarrasing fashion?,too find out?’He broke a toe’,and consequently lost the fight because of it.or at least that’s his part of the story.and i’ve NEVER,seen any Pro Boxer,get off balance.with that many trips/stumbles and falls.and as far as agression?,Haye talked it,Vlad walked it.Yuuupp.

  3. Naoki dit :

    Totally understand your anremugt Common Sense. I just think a lot of the great fights were held in Vegas at Caesars Palace back in the 80 s. It would be nice to get the top of the Heavyweight division back in the states. Carl Froch was smart to get a neutral site for example for his Abraham match. If they fought in Germany, even though he kicked Abraham’s ass , the scorecards would have been closer. Too many bad politics in boxing when it comes to location. 0

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