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Nicolino Locche : el intocable

Par    le 10 novembre 2009

Punch de moustique, calvitie naissante, l’Argentin Nicolino Locche a remporté 117 victoires dont 14 par KO, pour seulement 4 défaites et 14 nuls.

Ses esquives inimitables lui ont valu le surnom d’intocable (intouchable).

Nicolino Locche : el intocable

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  1. sénanque dit :

    du jamais vu, chapo nicolino

  2. Csibi dit :

    well, he’s a street smart kid and has a lion heart .that cnooibatimn is rare .and in fact that’s the only thing a guy like him needs to be a good congressman!!!he got lots of political allies plus the pork barrel .he knows the pork barrel allows him to get brilliant advisers that will explain everything technical to him, a staff to do all his office works and good researchers to equipt him w/ the right informations .all he have to do now is make hard decisionsthe rest of the money goes to his people in saranggani i heard he is planning to build a big hospital there a remote province w/ a high end hospital? that’s somethingi just hope he wont try the presidency .i dont think he’s made for that level he’ll be crushed there!!!!i wont vote for him there!

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